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A simple and fast cake without baking can be prepared in a couple of minutes from chocolate balls …


The taste of the dessert is very similar to the cake "Flying" with meringues and nuts. We will use only 4 ingredients, and in the end we will get an incredibly beautiful and very tasty dessert. An incredibly crispy cake is being whipped up: one, two, three.

Simple and fast cake

250 grams of condensed milk
180 grams of butter
1 pack chocolate balls (250 gr)
(breakfast cereals)
100 grams of roasted peanuts
Step by Step Cooking Process

Butter of 85% fat content (this is necessary, oil of lower fat content will not work) is left at room temperature for a while so that it becomes soft.
Put the butter in a bowl and beat with a mixer until smooth.
Begin to add portions of milk, each time whipping everything with a mixer.
We should get a thick cream: condensed milk can go and more, and less – it all depends on its quality. Ensure that the consistency of the cream was not liquid.
In the cream we send roasted nuts (unsalted), mix.
At the very least send chocolate balls to the bowl with cream (from a series of breakfast cereals). And mix very carefully.
Put a separable ring on the serving plate (16-18 centimeters in diameter), wrap it with a file cut into strips (for papers) and lubricate with vegetable oil.
Put our cake in a ring and put it in the fridge for 3-4 hours.
To decorate the cake, you can use chocolate chip cookies or grated black chocolate.
Hooligan crispy cake without baking for 2 minutes:

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