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10 options for different sauces 🍴

1. Sour cream (15%) + a pair of cloves of garlic + chopped dill + salt and black pepper.
All mix. Sour cream more than 15% is better not to take or dilute a little thick sour cream with water (milk). This sauce is perfect for stuffed cabbage rolls, pancakes, vegetable cutlets and baked potatoes.

2. Olive oil (vegetable) + lemon juice + salt + a mixture of dried Italian herbs (basil, oregano, marjoram, thyme). The sauce is suitable for vegetable salads, fish, chicken, meat.

3. Cream + cheese + nutmeg + dried garlic. We warm the cream in a griddle, add cheese, seasonings and cook until the cheese is melted. Add to pasta, rice, you can pour the potatoes.

4. Onions + greens + favorite spices. All whisk in a blender with the addition of a small amount of water. Suitable for marinating chicken, roasting potatoes or just to vegetables.

5. Mayonnaise + soy sauce + a slice of garlic + lemon juice + a bit of mustard. It will be delicious with french fries, chicken nuggets. You can also grease the pita bread and put in it a filling of tomatoes, cheese, ham, greens. I also fill them with chicken, eggplant and tomato salad. It will be good with potato salad.

6. Pine nuts + basil + parmesan + Italian herbs. Well, this is a classic green pesto, very tasty! For fish, meat, toasts and of course for caprese salad (mozzarella slices, tomatoes).

7. Cheese Dor Blue + cream. Beat in a blender, warm up a little and serve with pasta.

8. Tomatoes + onions + garlic + a pinch of red pepper. Peel tomatoes, grind in a blender, along with spices, onions and garlic. Warm up in a pan and serve to rice, meat, chicken. Not bad with slices of baked potatoes, baked eggplants and other vegetables.

9. Mayonnaise + a bit of ketchup (or tomato paste) + finely chopped gherkins. Draniki, fish, fried potatoes – with them is delicious.

10. Curd cheese + herbs + ground black pepper. Vegetables, boiled potatoes, baked fish – a good union for this sauce.

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