Chinese New Year 2021

Winter apple pie shavings

Description of preparation:

Do not be confused by the discoloration of apples after you grate them. During sterilization, they will restore their original color. Therefore, do not add lemon juice or citric acid, this is not necessary.

The main ingredient:
Fruits / The apples

Prepare the necessary ingredients.
Wash and sterilize the cans in advance.

Winter Apple Pie Chips - Step 2 Photo

Peel the apples and the seed box. Rub on a coarse grater and transfer to a bowl.

Winter Apple Pie Chips - Step 3 Photo

Sprinkle apples with sugar and mix.

Winter Apple Pie Chips - Step 4 Photo

Put the apple mass tightly in a jar.

Winter Apple Pie Chips - Step 5 Photo

Cover the jar with a lid, place it in a high pan, on the bottom of which lay a napkin or cloth. Pour water so that it reaches the shoulders of the can. Put on fire and heat, after boiling water, sterilize 30 minutes – liter jars, 20 minutes – jars of 0.5 liter.

Winter Apple Pie Chips - Step 6 Photo

After time, remove the workpiece from the pan and turn it over to the lid. In this form, leave to cool.

Winter Apple Pie Chips - Step 7 Photo

From the specified amount of ingredients, 1 jar of 0.95 liters was obtained. Delicious to you preparations!

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