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Wings like a burger king

Description of the preparation:

Of course, such dishes are not suitable for every day, especially if you follow the diet and figure. But if you still decided to treat yourself to something, the homemade version of the wings as in Burger King is ideal. On top of this will be a crispy base, and inside a juicy chicken. Be sure to try to cook such wings with fresh vegetables and sauces – a chic option!

Prepare the ingredients.

Burger King Wings - Step 2 Photo

Pour salt, pepper, all spices into the container. Set aside some spices for flour.

Burger King Wings - Step 3 Photo

Pour water into the spices. Mix well.

Wings Like Burger King - Step 4 Photo

Pierce the wings with a fork, then transfer them to the marinade and leave for an hour.

Wings as in Burger King - photo step 5

Pour spices into the flour, mix.

Burger King Wings - Step 6 Photo

Now make a double breading. Roll the wings in flour, then quickly dip in the marinade, again bread in the flour.

Burger King Wings - Step 7 Photo

Put the prepared wings on a plate.

Burger King Wings - Step 8 Photo

Warm the oil in a saucepan, then cook the wings for 6-7 minutes. Serve the finished wings to the table.

Burger King Wings - Step 9 Photo

Bon Appetit!

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