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What did the New Year's table look like during the USSR?

In a large metal pan on the balcony, jacket potatoes, carrots and eggs cool. Then we will cut them into a large crystal salad bowl. You can get scolded for tangerines, because you can eat them only during a feast, and not a day earlier. Chicken with a crust seems to be the pinnacle of culinary creativity and, of course, schoolchildren in notebooks indicate it as their favorite dish. Well, next to my mother’s friend, I need to put a straw glass with napkins and bread, she really likes to dunk them in oil from sprats. Yes, and the invariable “Irony of Fate” on TV, congratulations to the president and champagne!

This year, many will celebrate the New Year in exactly the same scenario as their parents and grandparents did. Someone may wrinkle their nose and say "oh no, again!". But Olivier and sausage slices may well become the guarantor of stability in such a volatile time. May we always be full and surrounded by friends and loved ones!

So, a typical Soviet New Year's table is inconceivable without Olivier, Mimosa, Herring under a fur coat, baked chicken, sausage slices, jelly (or jellied meat), sandwiches with sprats, tangerines with a black sticker and Soviet champagne.

Oven baked chicken

Baked chicken

At the head of the New Year's table of the times of the USSR – baked chicken. With a wonderful crust, with the soaking of the pan, with a potato side dish. Modern ovens are not able to repeat that grandmother’s crust from an old gas oven. For many, this crust is the taste of childhood.

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The folk version of the Olivier salad is a set of diced doctor sausage, boiled potatoes and carrots, pickles, canned peas. Season salad with mayonnaise. Usually they prepared a huge bowl of such a salad and then ate for several days.

Today, Olivier can be found without mayonnaise, and with fish, and with chicken, and in a vegetarian version. This salad is the most popular association for the New Year.

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Mimosa salad"

"Mimosa" was prepared with saury in oil, as well as boiled potatoes, carrots, raw onions (rarely boiled boiled water). Some add grated cheese to the salad, some add a layer of grated butter. In all cases, the top layer is grated boiled yolk. And a branch of dill is good to decorate! A very tender salad that you always want.

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Sandwiches with Sprats

Baltic sprats were laid out on a plate and ate along with tails, and they also made sandwiches with brown bread and butter. Someone at the end of the festival dipped bread in butter and ate everything to the last drop, and some could even drink sprat oil directly from the can!

Smoked sausage


On the rich New Year's table there was always a plate with sausage slices. The coveted loaves in the store were wrapped in brown paper. Oh, and now few people refuse a couple of thin circles of salami with a cucumber!



Jelly or jelly was cooked in large quantities, served with potatoes or black bread, horseradish. And now the jelly is more often cooked on holidays. Too long and laborious is the process. Mandatory were the flowers of boiled carrots!

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Herring under a Fur Coat

Herring under a Fur Coat

A more tender herring under a fur coat was obtained with an apple. Let it darken in the salad. Mayonnaise was a scarce product, got out before the holidays. But not everyone thoroughly cleaned the herring, and did not choose small bones, ate with them or spat. Fortunately, now in stores excellent peeled fillet of any kind and taste is sold.

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The smell of tangerines teased and beckoned. On New Year's Eve, children ate them before the rash, and adults had a bit stronger drinks. Pieces of tangerines were sometimes added in jelly, laying out with fancy flowers, but more often they simply put them in a glass vase on the table.

Soviet champagne


The popular sparkling wine available to everyone was poured into glasses immediately after the chiming clock. Noisy congratulations, confetti, salute. Some still managed to write a wish on paper, burn and drink ashes with wine. Probably made for love. I'd like to believe that all the love necessarily happened!

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