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Waffle cake herring

Description of preparation:

Thanks to this appetizer, your holiday table will become more colorful and vibrant, all guests will want to try such a dish. Remember that not everyone likes wet wafer cakes, so it’s better to check with your guests in advance how to make herring cake right after cooking, while the cakes are crispy.

Prepare the indicated ingredients. Boil root vegetables in advance for 30 minutes, and chicken eggs for 12-15 minutes and cool in ice water.

Waffle Cake Herring Cake - Step 2 Photo

Peel boiled root vegetables and chicken eggs, rinse thoroughly in water. Grate each product with fine mesh grater into separate containers. In each of them add salt and mayonnaise of any fat content of your chosen taste. Mix gently.

Waffle cake herring cake - photo step 3

Coat the first wafer cake with a potato mass, trying to distribute it evenly. Cover with a second cake.

Waffle Cake Herring Cake - Step 4 Photo

Grind pieces of slightly salted herring, cut the washed stalks of green onions and put on the second cake, distribute evenly. Put the third cake and cover it with carrot mass.

Waffle Cake Herring Cake - photo step 5

Spread the last cake with the egg mass and put on a carrot layer. If you still have the ingredients, put them on wafer cakes and make a taller snack cake.

Waffle Cake Herring Cake - Step 6 Photo

Garnish the dish before serving with chopped washed radishes and green onions, other spicy greens. If you like crispy snacks, don't refrigerate the cake in the refrigerator and vice versa.

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