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Vegan cottage cheese – a step by step recipe with a photo on

Cooking description:

Below I will explain in more detail how to make vegan cottage cheese. Choose tofu of medium density, neutral taste. Lactic acid can be substituted for citric acid or lemon juice. You can use any sweetener you like instead of sugar. You can substitute oat or coconut cream for soy cream, or take silk tofu and grind it with a blender until it is creamy.

Prepare all ingredients.

Vegan cottage cheese - photo step 2

Blot the tofu with paper towels to remove excess moisture. Then use your hands to separate it into small pieces.

Vegan cottage cheese - photo step 3

Add lactic acid and sugar to taste. Stir.

Vegan cottage cheese - photo step 4

Pour in the soy cream, stir again.

Vegan cottage cheese - photo step 5

Vegan cottage cheese is ready, bon appetit!

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