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Vegan canapes – a step by step recipe with a photo on

Cooking description:

Below I will explain in more detail how to make vegan canapes. For tofu paste, choose soft tofu, it is better to blot it with paper towels to get rid of excess moisture before chopping. Instead of dill, you can add Italian herbs, nutritional yeast for a cheese flavor, or finely chopped sun-dried tomatoes. It turns out juicy, piquant and very tasty!

Prepare all ingredients.

Vegan canapes - photo step 2

Cut mugs out of the bread. Dry them in a skillet on both sides.

Vegan canapes - photo step 3

Cut the cucumber into thin slices.

Vegan canapes - photo step 4

Grind the tofu along with the lean mayonnaise, lemon juice and garlic with a blender until smooth. Add finely chopped dill and season with salt and pepper to taste.

Vegan canapes - photo step 5

Brush half of the tofu loaf with the paste.

Vegan canapes - photo step 6

Place cucumber slices on top.

Vegan canapes - photo step 7

Repeat the previous steps for the second half of the bread. Connect them with a skewer.

Vegan canapes - photo step 8

Top the canapes with capers and pea sprouts. Vegan canapes are ready.

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