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Thick pancakes without yeast – a step by step recipe with photos on

Description of preparation:

Who can refuse, seeing such juicy thick pancakes on a plate, generously sprinkled with aromatic honey. And if you also make tea or coffee for a duet with them, all your relatives will come running for such a treat. Pancakes can be fried immediately, thanks to the addition of soda.

On breakfast / At midday
The main ingredient:
Milk products / Kefir / Flour / Wheat flour
Bakery products / Pancakes

Prepare the indicated ingredients.

Thick Pancakes Without Yeast - Step 2 Photo

Pour kefir of any fat content into a ladle with a non-stick bottom or a cauldron, warm it, but not to a boil. The fluid should be warm. Pour sugar, salt and vanilla sugar into it, mix. If you use a silicone whisk, then you can cook the dough directly in the container, if iron, then pour the kefir into a bowl.

Thick Pancakes Without Yeast - Step 3 Photo

Beat a chicken egg and beat the whole mass. If the kefir is too hot, then the egg will curl!

Thick Pancakes Without Yeast - Step 4 Photo

Pour soda and baking powder, mix. Try not to overdo it with soda, otherwise the taste of baking will turn out bitter.

Thick Pancakes Without Yeast - Step 5 Photo

The mass will immediately become lush, with small bubbles. Pour the sifted flour into it and stir.

Thick Pancakes Without Yeast - Step 6 Photo

Pour odorless vegetable oil last into the dough. Stir it in and you can bake pancakes.

Thick Pancakes Without Yeast - Step 7 Photo

Warm the pancake pan with moderate heat. It does not need to be lubricated. Pour half the dough ladle into the middle of the container and fry until the bubbles on the surface of the dough begin to burst.

Thick Pancakes Without Yeast - Step 8 Photo

Flip over to the other side and fry for another minute. Thus, fry the remaining dough, turning it into fragrant pancakes.

Thick Pancakes Without Yeast - Step 9 Photo

Put them on a plate, serve hot with flower honey and various berries, topping.

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