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Thick jelly – a step-by-step recipe with photos on

Description of the preparation:

Thick milk jelly can be served not only for dessert, but also for an afternoon snack with any pastries. Very tasty if sprinkled with grated chocolate or nuts. If you serve such a jelly with jam or condensed milk, then the amount of sugar should be reduced. Thick milk jelly turns out tasty, aromatic, and it takes just a few minutes to cook. You can eat both warm and cold.

Prepare the ingredients for the preparation of thick jelly.

Thick Jelly - Step 2 Photo

400 ml. pour milk into a pan with a thick bottom. Add sugar to taste.

Thick Jelly - Step 3 Photo

Pour potato starch into a bowl.

Thick Jelly - Step 4 Photo

Pour in 100 ml. cold milk.

Thick Jelly - photo step 5

Thoroughly mix milk with starch to a uniform consistency, without lumps.

Thick Jelly - Step 6 Photo

Put the pan with milk and sugar on the stove, bring the milk to a boil. Pour in diluted starch and stirring constantly, bring the jelly to thicken. Add vanilla sugar at the end.

Thick Jelly - Step 7 Photo

Chill the thick milk jelly and serve.

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