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Sushi fillings – a step-by-step recipe with a photo on

Cooking description:

You can mix the fillings with each other if they match to your liking. For example, avocado with salmon or shrimp with pineapple, boiled chicken with fresh cucumber, etc., not forgetting to add cream cheese. It is especially delicious to serve rolls and sushi with spicy sauce.

Prepare the indicated ingredients.

Sushi fillings - photo step 2

Put the shrimps in a deep container: cauldron or ladle. Boil for about 2-3 minutes. No more needed, they are sold already boiled-frozen.

Sushi fillings - photo step 3

Peel the shrimp and remove the esophagus. Peel half of the avocado and cut into long thin slices. The first cream cheese sushi filling is ready!

Sushi fillings - photo step 4

Cut a part of the pineapple from the peel, cut out the hard core. Cut into long slices, cool the boiled chicken and cut into the same slices. The second sushi filling is ready!

Sushi fillings - photo step 5

If present, remove seeds from lightly salted salmon. Cut into slices. Rinse the fresh cucumber in water, cut the tails and cut into the same slices as the salmon. The third sushi filling is ready!

Sushi fillings - photo step 6

Place all the fillings on a plate for easier mixing. Spread on boiled rice only with cream cheese to make sushi and rolls juicy!

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