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String Bean Sauté – a step-by-step recipe with photos on

Description of the preparation:

Sauce from green beans is easy to prepare, the vegetables will start juice and it will turn out very tasty, but you can also add a little tomato sauce or experiment with spices. Serve sautéed with delicious bread, baked potatoes and herbs.

Prepare the ingredients.

String Bean Sauté - Step 2 Photo

Peel and chop the onions in half rings.

String Bean Sauté - Step 3 Photo

Peel and cut the carrots into round plates.

Green Bean Sauté - Step 4 Photo

Peel sweet peppers from seeds, rinse, cut into strips.

Green Bean Sauté - Step 5 Photo

Rinse the tomatoes, dry and cut into slices.

Green Bean Sauté - Step 6 Photo

Warm the oil in a pan, put the carrots, onions and peppers, fry for a couple of minutes.

Green Bean Sauté - Step 7 Photo

Add green beans to the pan.

Green Bean Sauté - Step 8 Photo

Next, add the tomatoes, fry the vegetables on low heat for 25 minutes, under the lid.

String Bean Sauté - Step 9 Photo

At the end of cooking, add spices to taste, mix and warm for a minute.

Green Bean Sauté - Step 10 Photo

Serve to the table.
Enjoy your meal!

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