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Cooking description:

Strawberry milfey is an amazingly delicious and delicate French dessert. It prepares very quickly. The main thing is to buy quality puff pastry, strawberries and cream. And then use this step-by-step recipe and you will have minutes of bliss!

Prepare your ingredients.

Strawberry milfey - photo step 2

It is not necessary to defrost the finished puff yeast dough beforehand. When buying a dough, do not save money, choose a quality one, with the addition of butter, and not margarine. Cut the dough into slices to match the shape of the cakes you are going to make. This recipe uses square and rectangle slices.

Strawberry milfey - photo step 3

Using a cooking brush, moisten the dough with plain water and sprinkle with sugar. For comparison, I sprinkled with regular white sugar and cane brown sugar. I must say right away that I didn't see much difference. I'll show you later. Bake according to the temperature indicated on the package.

Strawberry milfey - photo step 4

While the cake blanks are baking, prepare the cream. To do this, whisk the cream with powdered sugar and natural vanilla sugar.

Strawberry milfey - photo step 5

Beat until fluffy until the mixer leaves a clear, raised mark on the cream.

Strawberry milfey - photo step 6

Chill the finished cake pieces so that they don't leak when you apply the cream. As you can see, there is not much difference in the use of brown and white sugar.

Strawberry milfey - photo step 7

Cut the strawberries into pieces.

Strawberry milfey - photo step 8

Use a sharp knife to cut the cake in half and apply the cream.

Strawberry Milfey - Photo Step 9

Lay out the berries.

Strawberry milfey - photo step 10

Cover with the other half, repeat the cream and strawberry layer again. This was a variant using a square shape of dough slicing.

Strawberry milfey - photo step 11

Rectangular, narrow dough slices look impressive.

Strawberry milfey - photo step 12

Delicious French cakes are ready. Invite your relatives to the table! This is real bliss, believe me!

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