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Description of the preparation:

The national Georgian dish Shilaplavi is still more like a risotto and is prepared only from round-grain rice, which is well boiled. The dish is prepared simply, the tab is very arbitrary and there are no strict time limits. One of the prerequisites is only a pan with a thick bottom. Shilaplavi are served on weekdays and holidays.

For lunch / For dinner / To the festive table
The main ingredient:
Bird / Chicken / Cereals / Rice
Hot dishes / Pilaf
Kitchen Geography:
Georgian / Caucasian

Prepare the ingredients for cooking the awl.

Shilaplavi - photo step 2

Remove the bones from the chicken. Cut the chicken into slices and put in a pan with a thick bottom.

Shilaplavi - photo step 3

Pour in sunflower oil and fry the meat, stirring occasionally for 7-8 minutes.

Shilaplavi - photo step 4

Peel, wash and chop onions and carrots. Put in a chicken pan.

Shilaplavi - photo step 5

Pour 250-300 ml. water and stew chicken with onions and carrots for 15-20 minutes. Add salt, ground black pepper, dried basil and turmeric.

Shilaplavi - photo step 6

Wash the rice thoroughly and put it in the pan.

Shilaplavi - photo step 7

Pour rice with chicken and vegetables with hot water on your finger above the rice.

Shilaplavi - photo step 8

Cover the pot and cook the Shilaplavi until cooked.

Shilaplavi - photo step 9

Shilaplavi is ready. Serve with fresh vegetables and pickles.

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