Chinese New Year 2021

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Description of the preparation:

Subject to the recipe, the process will not cause difficulties. I note about the cutting of dumplings. If there are no scales, divide by 17 parts, this number corresponds to the weight.

At midday
The main ingredient:
Flour / Yeast
Bakery products / Pies
Kitchen Geography:
Tatar / East

Prepare the necessary ingredients.

Cabartma - photo step 2

Dissolve sugar, salt, yeast in warm milk.

Cabartma - photo step 3

Add eggs, melted butter. Stir.

Cabartma - photo step 4

Add most of the flour and knead the dough. Add the rest of the flour in parts.

Cabartma - photo step 5

Knead a soft, firm dough. Roll up the ball, put it in the bowl, tighten with a film and leave it warm for 1.5 hours.

Cabartma - photo step 6

After the time has passed, the dough is ready for cutting.

Cabartma - photo step 7

Divide the dough into equal pieces weighing 80 grams (or 17 parts). Roll the balls.

Cabartma - photo step 8

Squeeze the balls slightly to a thickness of 2 cm. Leave the workpieces for 10 minutes to proof. Preheat the deep fat, reduce the heat.

Cabartma - photo step 9

Fry the crumpets until brown on both sides.

Cabartma - photo step 10

Put the ready-made cabartma on paper napkins.

Cabartma - photo step 11

Serve warm with sour cream, jam or honey. Bon Appetit!

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