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Description of the preparation:

Orchata is a delicious drink that is very popular in Latin America. This drink is prepared not only on rice, but also on nuts, sesame seeds. You can add milk to it, or you can completely make it vegetarian. Instead of sugar, you can use any sweetener of your choice.

Prepare all the necessary ingredients.

Orchata - photo step 2

Rinse thoroughly and fill with cold boiled water. Put a cinnamon stick and add peeled walnuts. Clean in a cool place and insist rice for 11-12 hours.

Orchata - photo step 3

Remove the cinnamon stick from the bowl and drain some of the liquid. Pound the rest with a blender until smooth.

Orchata - photo step 4

Return the spilled liquid back to the bowl and strain the liquid through a very fine sieve. Squeeze the thick carefully, we will no longer need it.

Orchata - photo step 5

Pour sugar into a bowl.

Orchata - photo step 6

Wash the dates, remove the seeds and chop finely. Add pieces of dates in a bowl of rice liquid.

Orchata - photo step 7

Pour milk into a bowl. It is advisable to boil it and cool it first.

Orchata - photo step 8

Whisk thoroughly with a blender until smooth and lush.

Orchata - photo step 9

Pour immediately into the glasses, sprinkle with ground cinnamon and serve.

Orchata - photo step 10

Bon Appetit!

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