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Description of the preparation:

Real buttermilk is obtained only by whipping cream – in all other recipes they try to replace such a drink with other components, but the taste and color of the drink cannot be faked, since the difference will be noticeable.

The main ingredient:
Milk products / Cream
The drinks / Dairy

Prepare the indicated ingredients. Use only farm cream with a fat content of 62-63%, otherwise you will not get butter. If you purchase store creams, you can also get butter from them, but there will be no buttermilk.

Buttermilk - photo step 2

Be sure to place the cream in the refrigerator for a day – it’s better not to whip the fresh product. Then pour them into the bowl of the food processor. Use powerful kitchen appliances – a blender is unlikely to master such processes. Pour a pinch of salt into the cream.

Buttermilk - photo step 3

Whip the cream for about 5-10 minutes at the highest speed, be sure to cover the bowl with a protective screen, otherwise the buttermilk splatter will be everywhere. After about 5-6 minutes, the cream will produce high-quality butter and a little aromatic buttermilk. The liquid will be opaque, pieces of oil are acceptable in it.

Buttermilk - photo step 4

Drain the buttermilk into a bowl or glass, rinse the butter in cold water and put in a butter dish. You will get about 170-180 grams of oil and 100-120 ml. buttermilk. This is real buttermilk, not its substitute drinks.

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