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Description of preparation:

This drink was previously attributed to its medicinal properties: it perfectly disperses blood through the veins, warms and relaxes – is this not necessary after a tired working day, especially when you come home after a walk in the rain or a snowstorm. There are ingredients in any kitchen, the main thing is to add a little alcohol!

The main ingredient:
The drinks / Alcoholic

Prepare the indicated ingredients.

Toddy - Step 2 Photo

Boil water in a teapot, put a bag of classic black tea in a teapot and pour boiling water over it. Cover the teapot with a lid and let it sit for 10 minutes. You can use not tea bags, but tea leaves, but without additives!

Toddy - Step 3 Photo

Put two slices of lemon in a tall irish glass or in a cup, squeeze the juice out of two more. Add floral honey to taste. It can be replaced with granulated sugar if you are allergic to such a sweetener.

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Put a cinnamon stick in a glass – you can replace it with ground cinnamon, if you do not have such a spice. Pour in the alcohol. You can use cognac, brandy or whiskey – what is in your bins.

Toddy - photo step 5

Pour hot freshly brewed tea into a glass. Hot Toddy is completely ready!

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Serve the drink hot. Do not forget to cheer them up for those who just came from a walk!

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