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Colorful poke can be assembled in a couple of minutes if you already have boiled rice in stock. Try to select fatty ingredients for it: sea fish, bacon, sausages, boiled or baked duck, goose.

Prepare the indicated ingredients. Choose the type of rice to your liking.

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Boil the rice in hot water with salt and apple cider vinegar for about 15 minutes. Then turn off the heat and let the cereal steame for at least 5 minutes so that it absorbs excess moisture.

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Place warm rice in a deep bowl, bowl. Flatten.

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Rinse the fresh cucumber and cut the tails off the sides. Cut into slices and place over rice. Add strips of smoked bacon or other meat products, smoked fish, or eel. Pick up the washed lettuce or Chinese cabbage with your hands. Cut lime or lemon into slices and lay out.

Poke - photo step 5

Chop the washed fresh herbs and add to the bowl, pour over everything with soy sauce and serve immediately.

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