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Kyvyrma is prepared from very thin dough, which you can make yourself or buy. For example, filo dough. But very thin pita bread will work too. It is much easier to find it in stores than filo dough. I have a recipe for kyvyrma from lavash, which is also very tasty, and most importantly, quickly and easily. I came across lavash with the addition of cheese, so it turned out even tastier.

Prepare the ingredients for making kyvyrma.

Kyvyrma - photo step 2

Make the pie filling. Put cottage cheese in a bowl, add an egg.

Kyvyrma - photo step 3

Season with salt to taste and mix the cottage cheese with the egg thoroughly.

Kyvyrma - photo step 4

Spread a sheet of thin pita bread on the table. Place some of the filling on one side.

Kyvyrma - photo step 5

Cover with the other half of the lavash sheet.

Kyvyrma - photo step 6

Fold the pita bread with cottage cheese. Do the same with the second sheet of pita bread.

Kyvyrma - photo step 7

Cut into small pieces.

Kyvyrma - photo step 8

Place the stuffed pita bread pieces into a baking dish.

Kyvyrma - photo step 9

Prepare the fill. Place the sour cream in a bowl.

Kyvyrma - photo step 10

Add kefir.

Kyvyrma - photo step 11

Add the egg.

Kyvyrma - photo step 12

Whisk the sour cream with kefir and egg well. Pour this mixture into pita bread with cottage cheese in the form.

Kyvyrma - photo step 13

Send the cake to the oven. Bake at 185-190 degrees for 35-40 minutes.

Kyvyrma - photo step 14

Cool the kyvyrma pie a little, cut and serve warm or cold.

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