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An unusual combination of fish and cottage cheese, but such a dish is healthy and nutritious. Cutlets have a lot of digestible protein and very little cholesterol. The classic version assumes no vegetables, but I like the combination with fried onions and carrots. It turns out not only healthy, but also delicious. You can serve the dish alone or with any side dish. Excellent variety of daily menu. Take note of the recipe!

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Prepare all ingredients.

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Chop onions and carrots at random and fry until soft in a pan. For dieters, you can skip this step and exclude vegetables.

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Crush the loaf with your hands and soak in milk or water.

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Pass the pollock fillet, fried vegetables, cottage cheese and a loaf squeezed out of liquid through a meat grinder. Add egg, salt and spices to taste (I have ground pepper and Provencal herbs).

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Mix everything well.

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Shape into small pieces with your hands and place them on the oiled steamer rack. Steam for 20 minutes.

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Bon Appetit!

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