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Making malt is quite simple. Pancakes have a delicate, creamy taste. For this dessert, choose apples that are sweet and sour and dense, so that after heat treatment they do not turn into puree. In addition to vanilla, cinnamon is also added to the filling, but it seems to me that you need to limit yourself to one of the spices. Great dessert for adults and children.

Prepare the ingredients for making malt.

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Separate the yolks from the whites and place in a deep bowl. Shake slightly.

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Pour in milk, melted butter. Add salt and sugar. Gradually add flour and knead to a smooth, homogeneous, batter.

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Using a ladle, pour the dough into a hot skillet and spread the dough evenly over the skillet.

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Bake thin pancakes on both sides until golden brown.

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Here's a stack of pancakes.

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Prepare the filling. Wash, peel, core the apples. Cut into small cubes and place in the pan.

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Add sugar, vanilla sugar and butter.

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Simmer the apples, stirring gently, for 5-6 minutes.

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Place a serving of apple filling on each pancake.

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Roll the apple pancake into a roll. Do this with the rest of the pancakes and filling.

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Fill the buttered baking dish tightly with the spring rolls. I took a small form. Focus on the amount of pancakes and toppings.

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Beat the whites from two eggs until fluffy. Then gradually add sugar, without ceasing to beat with a mixer. You should get a dense, persistent meringue.

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Place the meringue over the spring rolls. This can be done with a cooking bag or simply with a spoon.

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Send the malt to the oven and bake for 20 minutes at 180 degrees. The dessert should be browned.

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Remove the finished dessert from the oven and let it cool slightly. Then cut into portions and serve.

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