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Steamed mussels – a step by step recipe with a photo on

Cooking description:

After cooking, the mussels can be pickled in your favorite spices, you can add sauce, lemon juice, pickled onions – whatever your heart desires. These mussels are good both for salad and simply as a snack.

Prepare your ingredients.

Steamed mussels - photo step 2

Remove the mussels from the freezer in advance, then allow time for them to defrost on their own. Rinse the mussels well and dry. Place the mussels on a steaming sieve.

Steamed mussels - photo step 3

Transfer the sieve to a pot of boiling water, steam the mussels for 12-15 minutes.

Steamed mussels - photo step 4

Transfer the finished mussels to a bowl, add salt, pepper and dry garlic to taste. You can add any spices on your own.

Steamed mussels - photo step 5

Add lemon juice to mussels. I like sourness in seafood, it harmonizes very well with mussels. Serve mussels.

Steamed mussels - photo step 6

Good appetite!

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