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Steamed chicken drumsticks – a step by step recipe with a photo on

Cooking description:

To make the dish look appetizing and fragrant, be sure to add ground sweet paprika to the usual spices, and bay leaves to the water during cooking. Boiled drumsticks are delicious both hot and cold, especially with potato garnishes.

Prepare the indicated ingredients. Purchase chilled or frozen chicken drumsticks, rinse them in water. Frozen – defrost for about 30-40 minutes at room temperature.

Steamed chicken drumsticks - photo step 2

Dry the shins with paper towels or napkins, place in a deep container and add salt and pepper there.

Steamed chicken drumsticks - photo step 3

Add ground paprika and gently massage the chicken pieces so that all the spices and spices envelop them. You can add ground garlic, etc. Leave it on for 30-40 minutes if you have time.

Steamed chicken drumsticks - photo step 4

Then place the drumsticks in a steamer or multicooker tray. Pour hot water into the bowl of the technique and add bay leaves there. You can add ground dried thyme, rosemary, etc. Place the container in an appliance and turn on the "Steam cooking" mode for 40 minutes.

Steamed chicken drumsticks - photo step 5

Gently place the finished dish from a tray on a plate, garnish with fresh herbs and serve hot. Can be supplemented with some side dish.

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