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Sophia salad with smoked cheese


Cooking time:
20 minutes

Today I propose to cook a delicious and hearty Sofia salad with smoked cheese. The dish is suitable both for a festive table and diversifies your daily diet.

Cooking description:

To prepare the Sofia salad, you need smoked cheese, ham, cucumbers, bell peppers and mayonnaise. From such a simple set of ingredients, you can make a delicious, hearty and bright salad. You can fill the salad with both mayonnaise and sour cream or natural yogurt. Preparing the Sofia salad is very simple and quick, since all the ingredients do not require preliminary preparation. Before serving, the salad can be decorated with fresh herbs, then it will look even more appetizing.

How to cook "Salad" Sofia "with smoked cheese"

Prepare all the ingredients you need.


Cut the ham into strips.


Cut the smoked cheese into strips and add to the ham.


Wash the cucumbers well under running water and chop finely.


Wash the bell pepper, remove the seeds, cut into strips and add to the rest of the ingredients.


Season the salad with mayonnaise and mix well.


Sophia salad with smoked cheese is ready. Bon Appetit!

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