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Snacks without harm: what to intercept to survive until lunch, dinner and morning

On the way to the bedroom after brushing my teeth, the thought suddenly arises of a slice of brown bread with sausage (die straight as you want!). And how to survive until dinner, when trills in the stomach for the whole office, is generally unclear. A sandwich, chips, a pie, a chocolate bar in such situations are a joy. But there are problems with the stomach and weight. It turns out that you do not need to refuse snacks, you just need to choose the right foods, for example, non-nutritious foods with a high fiber content (preferably, no more than 200 kcal).

Before lunch (10-11 hours)

Not everyone loves and manages to have breakfast. By 10 o’clock, the body will begin to loudly demand food, even if you had breakfast, so you need a snack. Choose your second breakfast:

  • a couple of rye breads with low-fat sauce (40 g);
  • slice of cream cheese loaf;
  • walnuts or dried apricots (as much as fits in the palm of your hand);
  • coffee with milk and toast or cracker.

If you have breakfast with oatmeal and berries for some time, this will soon become a habit. "Put" family on porridge and have breakfast together.

Snack (15-15: 30 hours.)

Yogurt with berries

At three in the afternoon time stops, it is especially felt at work. I want to lie down, my eyes stick together, my activity decreases. We dream of something harmful, sweet, under a thick layer of sauce and with fat.

We offer such snacking options to keep you alert:

  • hot sandwich from a slice of toast bread with a slice of cheese;
  • 250 ml of drinking yogurt (berry or banana);
  • a sandwich of two slices of rye bread with low-fat processed cheese;
  • mini cupcake;
  • 2-4 pieces of dark chocolate;
  • a slice of cereal bread with canned tuna and light mayonnaise.

Of course, drink more water during the day, especially after intense physical activity. And if you play sports (at any time), then you can safely have a bite after classes with dry cookies with chocolate (two pieces), whipped with banana yogurt, pita with tuna and fresh salad.

Before dinner (19-19: 30 hours.)

Vegetable soup

Dinner awaits at home, the other half reserved a table in the restaurant, but you feel that you want to eat right now. Well, you can allow yourself to eat an appetizer (and then during dinner go straight to the hot, and refuse the appetizers). A snack now will save you from overeating. It could be:

  • 100 g low-fat cottage cheese with berries or with slices of apples;
  • green salad with zucchini seasoned with a spoon of oil and spices;
  • portion of vegetable soup;
  • dry bread sticks (3-4 pcs.) with sauce or paste.

You can also eat a portion of any fresh vegetables seasoned with low-fat sauce.

After dinner (20-20: 30 hours.)

Grapes with cheese

Dinner has passed, the dishes have been cleaned and you are sitting near the TV. I want to chew something. Sweets, chips or croutons with garlic come to mind. But still, it is better to give preference to fruits or a cup of hot chocolate. So eat these foods:

  • portion of salted popcorn (25 g);
  • portion of berries with dietary cottage cheese;
  • hot chocolate in skim milk;
  • a sprig of grapes and a slice of brie cheese (30 g).

In the evening, give preference to foods containing carbohydrates and proteins. Oatmeal will also come in handy.

Before going to bed (22-22: 30 hours)

Peanut Butter Toast

An acute attack of hunger before bedtime is familiar to many. Usually a sausage with pickles, cheese or something sweet chocolate is used. But just these all products stimulate the brain and contain caffeine (chocolate), so sleep after such a snack will be restless. Preference should be given to milk and turkey, namely:

  • oatmeal (40 g) in skim milk;
  • rye bread toast with peanut butter (no more than two pieces);
  • banana with low-fat yogurt;
  • a slice of grain bread with boiled turkey;
  • low-fat yogurt with honey.

Be healthy and beautiful!

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