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Smoothie detox – a step-by-step recipe with photos on

Description of the preparation:

An ideal detox smoothie has three components: liquid, herbs, fruits or berries. It is also worth noting that only regular use of smoothies will lead to the desired result, whether it is cleansing the body or losing weight.

On breakfast / At midday
The main ingredient:
Beverages / Smoothie
Diet food

Prepare the necessary ingredients.

Smoothie Detox - Step 2 Photo

Fry the sesame seeds until golden brown.

Smoothie Detox - Step 3 Photo

Peel the grapefruit from the peel and white film.

Smoothie Detox - Step 4 Photo

Punch warm tea with spinach in a blender.

Smoothie Detox - photo step 5

Add the remaining ingredients: grapefruit, avocado, sesame seeds. Beat in pulse mode until smooth.

Smoothie Detox - Step 6 Photo

Small pieces are allowed.

Smoothie Detox - Step 7 Photo

Pour into wide glasses and serve. Drinking a smoothie is best through a wide tube.

Smoothie Detox - Step 8 Photo

Bon Appetit!

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