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Smoked Chicken Stew

Description of preparation:

To prepare this dish, you can use any part of the chicken, today I have a leg. It turns out not troublesome and satisfying – a great option to feed the whole family in haste. In order to cook stewed potatoes with smoked chicken, you need a very small set of products, but you can always diversify the taste by adding mushrooms, cabbage or various other vegetables. This is the same option when the dish never bothers. Take note!

For lunch / For dinner
The main ingredient:
Vegetables / Bird / A hen / Potatoes / Smoked chicken
Hot meals

Prepare all the ingredients.

Smoked Chicken Stew - Step 2 Photo

Peel and cut the potatoes into large pieces.

Smoked Chicken Stew - Step 3 Photo

Add spices, bay leaf and smoked chicken skin to the potato (for an appetizing aroma). Pour the potatoes with water so that it almost completely covers it and put it to simmer on medium heat.

Smoked Chicken Stew - Step 4 Photo

Meanwhile, cut the onions into cubes, grate the carrots.

Smoked Chicken Stew - Step 5 Photo

Fry vegetables in vegetable oil, stirring occasionally until soft.

Smoked Chicken Stew - Step 6 Photo

Add chopped chicken, which must first be removed from the bones.

Smoked Chicken Stew - Step 7 Photo

Fry it all together for another 5 minutes.

Smoked Chicken Stew - Step 8 Photo

Once the potatoes are ready, remove the parsley, chicken skin and add to the potato the contents of the pan, chopped fresh herbs and chopped garlic. Salt everything to taste and cook for about 5 minutes.

Smoked Chicken Stew - Step 9 Photo

Smoked chicken stew is ready.

Smoked Chicken Stew - Step 10 Photo

Enjoy your meal!

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