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Cooking description:

This sauce is perfect with fried or boiled shrimp. This is a great snack option for a friendly get-together. Choosing a quality mayonnaise, you can also make it yourself. The recipe is very simple and straightforward, even a child can handle it. And honestly, it's delicious! By the way, you can fill any salad with this sauce, which will include seafood or just shrimp.

Shrimp sauce - photo step 1

Prepare your ingredients.

Shrimp sauce - photo step 2

For the recipe, choose a high-quality, tasty and fatty mayonnaise. Transfer the mayonnaise to a bowl or gravy boat.

Shrimp sauce - photo step 3

Peel and rinse the garlic, dry. Grate the garlic on a fine grater, add it to the mayonnaise.

Shrimp sauce - photo step 4

Top with dried dill and some curry. You should not add salt, as mayonnaise itself is salty.

Shrimp sauce - photo step 5

Squeeze the lemon juice into the mayonnaise.

Shrimp sauce - photo step 6

Mix everything thoroughly and remove a sample. Adjust the flavor and serve the shrimp sauce to the table.

Shrimp sauce - photo step 7

Bon Appetit!

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