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Shish kebabs from mozzarella – a step-by-step recipe with photos on

Description of the preparation:

In 15-20 minutes you can collect a bright bouquet of fly agaric! But not real, but culinary – tasty, juicy and mouth-watering! With their help, you can decorate various dishes, especially salads. You can just serve a snack to the table with a glass of white wine.

To the festive table / Reception
The main ingredient:
Vegetables / A tomato / Milk products / Cheese / Mozzarella / Cherry
Snacks / Canapes

Prepare the ingredients. Get the smallest mozzarella, literally – with hazel nuts. If one is not available, replace the cheese with boiled quail eggs.

Mozzarella kebabs - photo step 2

Cherry tomatoes are cut horizontally in half and remove all the seeds inside, rinse the halves and dry.

Mozzarella kebabs - photo step 3

Carefully place the mozzarella nut on the skewer first, with the broad base down, then half of the cherry on it to make a mushroom. In the same way, put another mushroom on the skewer.

Mozzarella kebabs - photo step 4

String appetizer on all skewers.

Mozzarella kebabs - photo step 5

Glue a small leaf of parsley on the base of mozzarella with water, decorate the top of the mushrooms with drops of mayonnaise of any fat content.

Mozzarella kebabs - photo step 6

A colorful snack is ready. Serve her to the table!

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