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Salmon tartare with cucumber

Cooking description:

The bright presentation and delicate taste of salmon tartare with cucumber will surely please your family if you serve it as an aperitif with a glass of cold white wine. Optionally, add sliced ​​capers to the dish.

Prepare the indicated ingredients. Taste lightly salted salmon to know how much salt to add.

Salmon tartare with cucumber - photo step 2

Rinse fresh cucumber in water, rinsing off thorns and dust, and cut off the tails. Cut the vegetable into plates, and cut them into small cubes and pour into a deep container. Peel and rinse the onions, cut into the same cubes and add to the cucumber slices.

Salmon tartare with cucumber - photo step 3

Cut lightly salted salmon into small pieces, extracting bones from the flesh, if any. Place the slices in a container.

Salmon tartare with cucumber - photo step 4

Rinse and chop green onions, add them to the container along with salt, ground black pepper, vinegar and odorless vegetable oil. Mix everything gently and let it brew for about 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

Salmon tartare with cucumber - photo step 5

Place a serving square or circle on a plate, place the tartar in it and press lightly to prevent the contents from falling apart when you remove the mold. Gently lift and remove the square, decorate the tartar with fresh herbs.

Salmon tartare with cucumber - photo step 6

Serve chilled with a glass of white wine.

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