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Salmon and rice salad

Cooking description:

The dish turns out to be very satisfying due to the addition of boiled rice. It is noteworthy that the heaviness in the stomach is not felt, but the feeling of hunger with the salad is removed for a long time! You can use avocados or tomatoes instead of fresh cucumber.

Prepare the indicated ingredients. Purchase lightly salted salmon or pickle fish at home.

Salmon and rice salad - photo step 2

Rinse any kind of rice thoroughly in water, put it in a saucepan and pour boiling water over it, adding a couple of pinches of salt. Boil the cereal for about 15 minutes on moderate heat. Then turn off the heating, cover the container with a lid and let the rice steam for another 5-10 minutes. Then cool the cereal. It is best to boil the rice and cool it in advance, since the salad is prepared from cold ingredients.

Salmon and rice salad - photo step 3

Place the boiled rice in a deep plate or bowl. Rinse the cucumber in water, rinsing off the thorns, dust. Cut off the ponytails on both sides of the vegetable. Cut the cucumber into thin cubes or half rings.

Salmon and rice salad - photo step 4

Remove bones from fish if present. Cut it into cubes and add to the container. Rinse green onion stalks, chop and add to fish slices.

Salmon and rice salad - photo step 5

Put mayonnaise of any fat content, add ground black pepper and mix everything carefully.

Salmon and rice salad - photo step 6

Place the salad on a platter or plate and serve immediately after cooking.

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