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PP hummus – a step-by-step recipe with photos at

Description of preparation:

PP hummus can be taken with you to work, on a trip, on a picnic – it perfectly satisfies hunger for a long time. It is especially tasty with slices of garlic or onion bread, sausages, baked or boiled meat, fish. Hummus can be cooked at least every day, mixing various additives: pumpkin puree, tahini, sesame seeds, etc.

Prepare the indicated ingredients. Remember that chickpeas increase 3-4 times, so with 150 grams of dried peas you will get about 450-500 grams of swollen chickpeas.

PP hummus - photo step 2

Pour the chickpeas into a deep container and fill with warm water, leave it in this form for at least 4-6 hours, and even better – at night.

PP Hummus - photo step 3

After the indicated time, drain the water, pour the swollen chickpeas into a pot or cauldron, add bay leaves, pour boiling water and boil for 1-1.5 hours.

PP hummus - photo step 4

Pour the boiled chickpeas into the bowl of the blender, food processor or in a deep container if you are mashed with a submersible blender. Do not pour water – pour in about 4-5 tbsp. into the bowl.

PP Hummus - photo step 5

Add salt, ground black pepper and ground dried garlic.

PP Hummus - photo step 6

Pour in olive oil and season the entire contents for about 3-5 minutes until almost uniform. If the mass is too thick – add another broth.

PP Hummus - photo step 7

Put the prepared hummus in a bowl or on a dish, form indentations with a spoon in it and pour olive oil, sprinkle with dried dried thyme or ground sweet paprika, turmeric. Serve to the table.

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