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Plum Nutella – a step by step recipe with a photo on

Cooking description:

The colorful and mouth-watering plum nutella is an ideal replacement for the same store product! For children, this delicacy will be more useful and nutritious than a purchased one. It can be served with croutons or toasts, with sweet and savory pastries, not forgetting about hot tea.

Prepare the indicated ingredients.

Nutella plum - photo step 2

Fill the plums with water. Rinse and remove the ponytails.

Nutella plum - photo step 3

Cut in half and remove pits and spoiled fruits.

Nutella plum - photo step 4

Cut them into pieces and pour into a deep container. Add granulated sugar and place the container on the stove.

Nutella plum - photo step 5

Add cocoa powder. Decrease or increase the volume of the product depending on its color. The darker the cocoa, the less it will be needed for cooking. Boil the contents of the container for about 10 minutes, stirring from time to time.

Nutella plum - photo step 6

Turn off the heat and let the whole mass cool slightly.

Nutella plum - photo step 7

Then pour it into a deep container and blend with a hand blender.

Nutella plum - photo step 8

Pour the plum nutella into a bowl or bowl and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes. When cooled, the mousse will thicken even more, become like jam.

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