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Oven baked pumpkin in slices

Cooking description:

Baked pumpkin is a great side dish for many meat, poultry or sausage dishes. It turns out salty-sweet, juicy and very tasty. The main thing is, if you want to add spices and spices to the poppy seeds when sprinkling the slices, then do not add coarsely ground spices – they will burn and charcoal when baked. By the way, baked pumpkin is delicious both hot and cold, especially with sour cream.

Prepare the indicated ingredients.

Oven baked pumpkin in pieces - photo step 2

Rinse the pumpkin, cut and remove the seeds inside. Cut off the required part from the vegetable, peel it and rinse in water. Cut into slices: cubes, half rings, etc. Grease a mold with vegetable oil and place the pumpkin slices in it. Drizzle with vegetable oil and salt. Add other spices and herbs as desired.

Oven baked pumpkin in slices - photo step 3

Sprinkle poppy seeds on each piece of pumpkin, although you can do without it. Preheat oven to 200 degrees and place the pumpkin dish in it.

Oven baked pumpkin in slices - photo step 4

Bake the vegetable slices for 20 minutes until tender. It will be ready when it holds its shape, but it will be soft.

Oven baked pumpkin in slices - photo step 5

Remove the baking dish from the oven, place the baked pumpkin on plates and serve warm. You can complement the dish with sauce, sour cream, etc.

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