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Non-alcoholic grog – a step by step recipe with a photo on

Cooking description:

Aromatic and delicious, alcohol-free grog can be served at any time of the day, even to children. The drink is bright and healthy, because it contains honey. For those who are allergic to such a sweet product, it is permissible to replace it with sugar, syrup or topping. The shelf life of the drink is no more than 2-3 hours.

Prepare the indicated ingredients.

Non-alcoholic grog - photo step 2

Pour the tea leaves into the container in which you are going to prepare the grog. If desired, the tea leaves can be replaced with 2 tea bags, but use only classic black tea without additives. Place the cinnamon sticks and star anise there.

Non-alcoholic grog - photo step 3

Boil water and pour it into a container. Leave for 10-15 minutes for steaming.

Non-alcoholic grog - photo step 4

Cut a quarter of a lemon into slices and remove the pits. Add the slices to the container. Optionally, slice the sweet apple, remove the seeds, and add to the brewed tea.

Non-alcoholic grog - photo step 5

Pour non-alcoholic grog into cups or glasses, cool to 30 degrees and add honey, but not earlier, otherwise the sweet ingredient will lose its beneficial properties!

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