Chinese New Year 2021

New Year's salad made from crab sticks

Cooking description:

We make a contrast to taste, dilute tender crab sticks with Korean carrots, add sweetness with corn. It turns out very harmoniously, bright and appetizing. For dressing, it is better to take homemade mayonnaise. You can serve salad to the table either in portions or on one dish. Be sure to garnish salads with herbs before serving. Have a nice and delicious holidays!

Prepare your ingredients. Boil a chicken egg in salted water for 10 minutes in advance. Then cool and clean. Remove the crab sticks from the freezer in advance.


Transfer the Korean carrots to a salad bowl. If you wish, you can cook the carrots yourself the day before.


Cut the crab sticks into small circles and add to the salad bowl to the carrots.


Cut the chicken egg into small cubes and add to the salad.


Add corn, mayonnaise, salt and pepper to your salad to taste. Stir everything and serve the salad to the table.


Enjoy your meal!

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