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Mulled wine in a slow cooker – a step-by-step recipe with photos on

Description of the preparation:

If desired, flower honey can be added to the slightly cooled drink if you are not allergic to such a sweet product. A large volume of mulled wine is contraindicated for people with high blood pressure, but those who have low blood pressure will feel just fine after tasting the mulled wine!

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The main ingredient:
Beverages / Alcoholic / Mulled wine

Prepare the indicated ingredients.

Mulled wine in the multicooker - photo step 2

Scald the orange with boiling water so that the aromatic oil stands out on the surface. Grate the zest directly into the bowl of the multicooker on a fine-grained grater. Then peel the fruit and the white film under it. Divide into slices and clear each of the transparent film. Put in the bowl.

Mulled wine in the multicooker - photo step 3

Add sugar, cinnamon sticks or ground cinnamon, star anise, dried cloves. At this point, you can add slices of peeled ginger root or dried ginger, bay leaves, cardamom, if you like such aromas.

Mulled wine in the slow cooker - photo step 4

Rinse the pear and apple in water, cut each fruit in half and remove the seed blocks. Then cut slices directly into the bowl of the multicooker.

Mulled wine in the multicooker - photo step 5

Pour in apple juice and any table red wine. When adding fortified wine, pour in some hot water to reduce the percentage of alcohol. Activate the "Cooking" or "Soup" mode on the equipment display for 5-10 minutes, depending on the model of equipment. Warm all the components together to a boil, then put the slow cooker into heating mode for 10 minutes. During this time, the fruits will stomp and become soft.

Mulled wine in the multicooker - photo step 6

Pour hot mulled wine from the multicooker into glasses or cups with fruit, serve hot to the table.

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