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Cooking description:

Nutritious and healthy milk kvass will quench your thirst in the heat of the summer, if you cool it in the refrigerator before serving. A drink is prepared in a day, but if you like more sour kvass, then leave it for another day – it will lose a quarter of the sweetness.

Prepare the indicated ingredients. Choose milk of any fat content and of any kind, but high quality, not powdered!

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In order for the yeast to activate, the milk needs to be slightly warmed up to a temperature of 30 degrees, but no more. To do this, add granulated sugar to a saucepan. You can add some vanilla sugar if you like.

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Pour in the milk of your chosen grade and fat content and add dry yeast. Heat the milk on the stove for 2-3 minutes, including moderate heat. Turn off the heat and drip some milk onto the back of your hand – it is necessary that the drop does not burn your skin! Mix the yeast gently into the liquid, dissolving it together with the sugar.

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Cool the contents of the container at room temperature and then pour into bottles. Place containers in the refrigerator overnight. After the indicated time, check the taste of the drink. If it's sweet and not too carbonated, leave it on for another day.

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Then pour the chilled drink into glasses or cups and serve. It is very tasty to serve kvass with black or rye bread, sweet pastries.

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