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Microwave Lavash Pizza

Description of the preparation:

Bright and colorful pizza in 5-7 minutes? Yes, yes, this is possible if you have at hand a thin pita bread and a microwave. You can mix any toppings on a lavish basis, each time getting pizza with a new taste and delighting your relatives and friends with it!

Prepare the indicated ingredients. Instead of smoked bacon, you can use ham, sausage, sausages, etc.

Microwave Lavash Pizza - Step 2 Photo

Fold the oval sheet of thin pita bread in half and cut a circle out of it, put on a plate.

Microwave Lavash Pizza - Step 3 Photo

Lubricate the base with a mixture of mayonnaise of any fat content and ketchup. At will – only ketchup.

Microwave Lavash Pizza - Step 4 Photo

Grate the cheese on a fine-grained grater, sprinkle the base with half the grated cheese mass.

Microwave Lavash Pizza - Step 5 Photo

Rinse the tomatoes and cut them into circles, cut the bacon into slices. Lay on the base.

Microwave Lavash Pizza - Step 6 Photo

Sprinkle with the rest of the cheese mass and place in the microwave. It is advisable to cover the dish on top with a special microwave lid. Bake for about 1-2 minutes until the cheese is melted.

Microwave Lavash Pizza - Step 7 Photo

Carefully remove the hot pizza from the microwave.

Microwave Lavash Pizza - Step 8 Photo

Garnish it with fresh herbs and olives: green or black.

Microwave Pita Pizza - Step 9

Serve hot to the table so that the cheese stretches during the tasting.

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