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Low-carb bread – a step-by-step recipe with a photo on

Cooking description:

To make this kind of low-carb bread, you don't have to go shopping to find the right flour. It is quite possible to prepare it at home from ordinary rolled oats and flax seeds, grinding them in a blender or coffee grinder. Such bread does not get stale for a long time, with it you can eat the first, second, prepare sandwiches. It is best to bake in a special form for bread, but silicone, such as mine, is also suitable.

Prepare all the ingredients you need to make a low-carb bread.

Low Carb Bread - Photo Step 2

Place oatmeal and flaxseed flour in a bowl. Add salt and baking powder and stir.

Low Carb Bread - Photo Step 3

Beat eggs into another bowl and add water.

Low Carb Bread - Photo Step 4

Add olive oil to a bowl of eggs and water.

Low Carb Bread - Photo Step 5

Put honey in a bowl and mix everything well until the salt and honey dissolve.

Low Carb Bread - Photo Step 6

Combine both parts and knead a soft, viscous dough.

Low Carb Bread - Photo Step 7

Transfer the dough into a baking dish measuring 12 * 22 centimeters and flatten. Sprinkle flax seeds over the top if desired.

Low Carb Bread - Photo Step 8

Place in a hot oven and bake at 180 degrees for 40-50 minutes, until tender. The readiness of the dough can be checked with a wooden skewer. If you pierce bread into it and it is dry when removed, the bread is ready. Remove from oven, let stand 5-10 minutes and remove bread. Let it cool completely on a wire rack.

Low Carb Bread - Photo Step 9

Enjoy your meal!

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