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Linseed muffins – a step by step recipe with a photo on

Cooking description:

Despite the simplicity of preparation, it is worth considering a moment. Baking dishes must be selected within 2.5-3 tbsp. test. If you put less dough, the muffins will turn out dry, if you put more, they will be raw. You can choose fillers according to your taste.

Prepare the required ingredients.

Linseed muffins - photo step 2

In a bowl, combine dry ingredients: flax and oat flour, sugar, cardamom, baking powder. Stir.

Linseed muffins - photo step 3

Add eggs. Stir.

Linseed muffins - photo step 4

Divide the milk into three parts visually. While pouring in each part, stir the dough well until it is smooth.

Linseed muffins - photo step 5

Add the raisins and mix well again.

Linseed muffins - photo step 6

Take silicone molds. You do not need to lubricate them. Spread out the dough. One mold should take 2.5 tbsp. test. Press down on the top with a wet palm. Microwave the muffins at 800 watts. Bake for exactly 5 minutes.

Linen muffins - photo step 7

Finished cupcakes will increase noticeably. Take them out of the microwave and remove them from the molds. Transfer to a plate and dry.

Linseed muffins - photo step 8

Sprinkle with powdered sugar on completely chilled muffins. Serve with your favorite drinks. Enjoy your meal!

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