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Lean cheese at home

Description of the preparation:

Below I will give a step-by-step description of how to cook lean cheese at home. Use soy milk without sugar in the composition, better than home-made. It can also be replaced with almond. Dietary (not baking!) Yeast gives the cheese a cheesy flavor, other spices can be added as desired. Carrageenan works as a thickener in the recipe; it gives shape to future cheese. Tapioca starch can be replaced with corn.

Prepare all the ingredients.

Lean Cheese at Home - Step 2 Photo

Melt coconut oil until liquid.

Lean Cheese at Home - Step 3 Photo

Pour soy milk into a ladle or pan. If it is only from the refrigerator, warm it to room temperature. But do not make it warm!

Lean Cheese at Home - Step 4 Photo

Mix soy milk with a starch and carrageenan mixer.

Lean Cheese at Home - Step 5 Photo

Next add all remaining spices, liquid smoke and salt. Beat the liquid again.

Lean Cheese at Home - Step 6 Photo

Pour coconut oil into the mixture, stir everything vigorously.

Lean Cheese at Home - Step 7 Photo

Set the mixture to medium-low heat. Constantly stir it with a whisk so that nothing sticks to the bottom. Boil the liquid for about 5-6 minutes until thickened. It will be completely ready when it stops sticking to the walls of the bucket.

Lean Cheese at Home - Step 8 Photo

Put the cheese in a mold. Let it cool for half an hour, then cover with foil and put in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours.

Lean Cheese at Home - Step 9 Photo

Lean cheese is ready, bon appetit!

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