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Kefir custard – a step-by-step recipe with photos on

Description of the preparation:

Properly brewed cream thickens during cooking. High-quality butter is interfered with when the delicacy cools down a little, and they start with eclairs or prepare cakes only after the dessert has completely cooled! Kefir custard tastes like flavored creamy ice cream!

The main ingredient:
Dairy / Kefir
Dessert / Cream

Prepare the indicated ingredients. Kefir is best used by farmers, as the store product can exfoliate and form small lumps in the cream.

Kefir custard - photo step 2

If you have a silicone whisk, then you can, like me, mix the ingredients in a cauldron or saucepan with a non-stick bottom. Pour kefir of any fat content into the container, separate the yolks from the proteins and add them to the kefir. Proteins in the recipe are not required.

Kefir custard - step 3 photo

Pour granulated sugar and thoroughly beat the whole mass with light movements.

Kefir custard - photo step 4

Sift the highest grade wheat flour into the bowl, mix it so that no lumps form. Place a container on the stove, including moderate heat.

Kefir custard - step 5 photo

Brew the cream for about 3-4 minutes until the desired density, do not forget to stir it. The right custard – thickens already when brewing, but does not remain liquid!

Kefir custard - step 6 photo

Remove the container from the stove, cool for 4-5 minutes, but no more, and mix the butter in the cream. Use a quality product so that there is no bitter aftertaste.

Kefir custard - step 7 photo

Then cover the joint with cling film or bag and cool in the cold. Thanks to this technique, no film forms on the dessert.

Kefir custard - step 8 photo

Put the finished custard on kefir in a bowl, serve with sweet pastries or prepare a cake, layering the prepared cakes.

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