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Jellied beef, pork and chicken

Description of the preparation:

Delicious meat jelly is a favorite dish in many families. Make it from beef, pork and chicken – you get a great cold appetizer. Thanks to the pork legs and meat on the bone, the broth freezes perfectly in the refrigerator and the dish is excellent.

For lunch / For dinner / To the festive table
The main ingredient:
Meat / Bird / Chicken / Beef / Pork
Snacks / Jelly

Prepare the ingredients for making jelly beef, pork and chicken.

Jellied beef, pork and chicken - photo step 2

Rinse the meat and fill with water, set to simmer on a slow fire.

Jellied beef, pork and chicken - photo step 3

After boiling water, remove the foam with a spoon, salt the broth to taste and cook the aspic on a quiet fire for 2 hours. Then add spices (bay leaf and peppercorns) and vegetables. Peel the carrots, and wash the onions well with the peel. Cook the jellied meat with spices and vegetables for another 1 hour until the meat is completely ready, so that it completely leaves the bones. A peeled onion will give the broth a golden appetizing color.

Jellied beef, pork and chicken - photo step 4

Separate the meat from the bones, strain the broth. Arrange the meat in containers or other convenient containers, fill with aromatic broth. Refrigerate for 3-4 hours until completely solidified.

Jellied beef, pork and chicken - photo step 5

Bon Appetit!

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