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Japanese Pancakes – a step-by-step recipe with photos on

Description of the preparation:

If you want to diversify your breakfasts, especially on a day off, when take your time, treat yourself and your family to Japanese pancakes. Cook a little more at once, since they are unusually tasty and delicate, no matter how many do not, there will still be few. See a step by step recipe and cook with pleasure.

At midday
The main ingredient:
Flour / Eggs
Bakery products / Pancake
Kitchen Geography:
Japanese / Asian

Prepare the ingredients.

Japanese Pancakes - Step 2 Photo

Separate the yolks and squirrels of two eggs.

Japanese Pancakes - Step 3 Photo

Add 20 grams of sugar to the yolks, baking powder and vanilla syrup, whisk.

Japanese Pancakes - Step 4 Photo

Combine the flour in parts.

Japanese Pancakes - Step 5 Photo

Add 20 ml. milk and stir.

Japanese Pancakes - Step 6 Photo

Pour a pinch of sugar and stir again.

Japanese Pancakes - photo step 7

Beat whites with sugar in a stable foam.

Japanese Pancakes - Step 8 Photo

Pour in the yolks to the proteins, mix gently without disturbing the structure of the proteins.

Japanese Pancakes - Step 9 Photo

Lubricate the pan with a little vegetable oil and spoon the dough. Cover and fry for 2 minutes, the fire should not be too large, the dough should be baked inside.

Japanese Pancakes - Step 10 Photo

Remove the lid and add some more dough for each pancake. Then gently turn over and fry on the other side.

Japanese Pancakes - photo step 11

Ready pancakes can be lightly sprinkled with powdered sugar. Serve with jam or maple syrup. Japanese pancakes are unusually tender and very tasty, I am sure that everyone will like them.

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