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How to cut Jack's lamp: step by step instructions (plus pumpkin candied fruit recipe)

One of the main attributes of Halloween is a pumpkin lamp with a scary or funny grimace. By the way, according to Irish legend, the drunkard Jack wandered around the world with a piece of smoldering coal in an empty turnip: a cunning blacksmith deceived the Devil, and when he died, he was not accepted to heaven or hell. In the States, turnips were replaced with pumpkins and off and on.

Today, Jack's lamps are lit outside the house to scare away evil spirits, and it's beautiful too. In the November darkness, a living candle in a bright pumpkin looks great.

It is better to cut rounded pumpkins, first cut the “hat”, then you need to scrape the flesh with seeds, and only then cut the mug. A tea candle or battery light is inserted into the pumpkin.

We tell in detail and show how to cut a pumpkin. It will take a sharp small knife, pumpkin, a large spoon. It is better to take a high pumpkin so that the flame does not burn the top.

Rinse the pumpkin if necessary and pat dry with a paper towel. First of all, with a ballpoint pen, draw lines – a cut of the cap, mouth, nose, eyes, which you will cut. If you are not sure about your artist’s abilities, print a stencil from the Internet.

You can draw a cut of the cap even or serrated.

How to cut a pumpkin for Halloween

We start to cut the pumpkin from the top of the cap. Work carefully, each time piercing with a knife along a drawn line. Carefully remove the cap, cut the flesh inside, leaving the form, set aside.

Halloween pumpkin

Arm yourself with a spoon and choose the soft part of the pumpkin with seeds. Seeds can be washed and dried. Then scrape out the remaining pulp, if necessary, rinse the pumpkin and dry thoroughly.

Now cut out the eyes and mouth (nose).

The pumpkin house looks amazing. To do this, cut four squares in the form of a window.

It remains only to put a garland with bulbs or put a lighted candle inside. Done!

Halloween carved pumpkin

Make pumpkin pulp candied fruit.

Cooking candied fruits is simple, however, it takes enough time. Briefly, the process looks like this: cut the flesh of a pumpkin into squares, cook for 5 minutes in syrup three times, each time insisting for 3 hours. Then dry in an oven or electric dryer.

Candied pumpkin To make candied fruits you will need:

  • 500 g of pumpkin pulp,
  • half a lemon or an orange,
  • cinnamon stick
  • 250 g sugar
  • 3 tbsp. l corn starch.

Cut the pulp of a pumpkin without peel and seeds into small, equal cubes. Put the cubes in a pan and sprinkle with sugar. Leave for an hour and a half to make the juice stand out.

Cooking candied pumpkin

Slice lemon or orange, add to pan. Send the cinnamon stick there. Put the pan on the fire, mix. Bring to a boil and cook for exactly 5 minutes. Remove from heat and leave for 3 hours, covered with a lid.

After that, boil again for 5 minutes and again insist 3 hours. After three hours, repeat the procedure. Just cook the pumpkin 3 times.

Candied fruits on the dryer

After another 3 hours, drain the syrup, if any. Put candied fruit on a baking sheet covered with parchment and dry in the oven at a temperature of 50 degrees for about an hour, keep the door ajar. In the dryer, dry the candied fruit for two hours.

Candied pumpkin

The candied fruit will be crusty. Pour starch and fold into a glass container, wrapping with material. Do not cover with a lid. Have a nice day!

You can find proven recipes with step-by-step photos on our channel in Yandex.Dzen. Come on for tea!

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