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Halloween smile with teeth

Description of the preparation:

Awesome smiles with snow-white teeth – the perfect dessert for Halloween. It is prepared quickly and easily, children can help you spread marshmallows in a cream and, of course, eat a treat. The cream can be replaced with boiled condensed milk, or mix it with sour cream.

To the festive table / Halloween
The main ingredient:
Fruits / The apples
Dessert / Sweet

Prepare the indicated ingredients. Get red apples – slicing them will symbolize lips.

Halloween Smile With Teeth - Step 2 Photo

Mix sour cream of any fat content in a container with cocoa syrup and cream thickener for 3 minutes. You can use boiled condensed milk.

Halloween Smile With Teeth - Step 3 Photo

You should get a thick cream on which teeth and apple slices will hold.

Halloween Smile With Teeth - Step 4 Photo

Rinse the apples, cut into four parts, remove the seed blocks. Cut into large slices. Put a piece of cream on one slice and insert 6-7 teeth into it. In the middle, the teeth should be large, on the sides – small, as in humans. If the marshmallows are long, cut them in half with scissors. Cover with a second slice of apple to make an awesome smile.

Halloween Smile With Teeth - Step 5 Photo

In the same way, prepare the remaining sweet grins. Give them to children for Halloween – they will be delighted!

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