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GOST stew – a step by step recipe with photos on

Description of preparation:

Beef for stews is better to take clean, without veins and films. Salt must be necessarily large and not iodized. Cans are best suited with screw caps, because if you roll up simple ones badly, they can fly off due to pressure inside the can.

The main ingredient:
Meat / Beef
Blanks / Preservation
Blanks without

Prepare all the necessary ingredients for the preparation of stew according to GOST.

GOST stew - photo step 2

Wash and dry the beef. Cut the beef with a medium cube.

GOST stew - photo step 3

Add salt to the beef and mix, leave for 10 minutes.

GOST stew - photo step 4

Cut the fat into small pieces.

GOST stew - photo step 5

Thoroughly wash two 0.5 liter jars and sterilize over steam for 5 minutes. Boil the iron caps for 3 minutes. Remove and put some fat on the bottom.

GOST stew - photo step 6

Cut the onion into rings and put one on a jar.

GOST stew - photo step 7

Thoroughly lay the beef in jars to the level of "shoulders".

GOST stew - photo step 8

Add the remaining fat in the jars and put the black pepper.

GOST stew - photo step 9

Break the bay leaf in half and put in jars.

GOST stew - photo step 10

Carefully roll up the cans with boiled lids.

GOST stew - photo step 11

Put a piece of cloth on the bottom of the pressure cooker and place the jars. Pour water to the level of the "shoulders" of the cans. Close the lid and pressure cooker valve and set the time to 2 hours. Then, to reduce the pressure, leave for 3 hours.

GOST stew - photo step 12

Then remove the cans, cool and put in a cold place.

GOST stew - photo step 13

The stew is ready in accordance with GOST.

GOST stew - photo step 14

Enjoy your meal!

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