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Gooseberry tincture – a step by step recipe with a photo on

Cooking description:

Absolutely any variety of gooseberries is suitable for tincture, but keep in mind that from green varieties you will get an almost colorless tincture, from red it is dark. The best option is to halve the green and red varieties. Take alcohol well peeled, since gooseberries do not have a very strong aroma.

Gooseberry tincture - photo step 1

Prepare all the ingredients you need to make the gooseberry tincture. Sort the berries, wash and let the water drain completely. Remove the tails from the berries.

Gooseberry tincture - photo step 2

Put the berries in a jar up to the shoulders and cover them with alcohol. Put the jar in a dark place for 10 days, strain.

Gooseberry tincture - photo step 3

Cover the berries with sugar, cover and let stand for 5 days. Sugar should dissolve during this time. Strain everything, we no longer need the berries.

Gooseberry tincture - photo step 4

Mix both parts, stir and bottle. Chill the tincture and serve. Enjoy your use!

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